Infrastructure Features

  • Data Centre-ready sites
  • Multiple telecoms routes connecting US and Europe
  • Co-location data centre capacity availability


  • Short time zone difference to the US
  • Political & economic stability – key site for disaster recovery
  • Stable cool climate –  greatly reduces cooling costs & environmental impact
  • Low tax structures can be supported by data hosting


  • Skills to build, manage & run a data centre are on the ground
  • In English language, European skills and Euro currency
  • Track record of major strategic hosting activities


Dublin’s Fibre Ring

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Dublin T-50 Line


Diverse International Routes



Electricity Supply in Ireland

ESB Networks Ltd. is responsible for building, operating, maintaining and developing the electricity network and serving all electricity customers in the Republic of Ireland. As Meter Operator, they install, maintain and read all electricity meters. They employ over 3,000 staff throughout the country.

ESB Networks Business Overview

ESB Networks Ltd., a ring fenced subsidiary within ESB Group, is the licensed operator of the electricity distribution system in the Republic of Ireland. They are responsible for constructing all the sub-transmission, medium and low voltage electricity network infrastructure in the country and for managing this infrastructure which is owned by ESB.
The electricity distribution network includes all distribution stations, overhead electricity lines, poles and underground cables that are used to bring power to Ireland’s 2 million domestic, commercial and industrial customers.
For electricity supplied at Low Voltage by ESB Networks, the nominal standard is 230/400 Volts, 50Hz. ESB Networks undertakes to deliver single phase electricity within a voltage range of 207 Volts to 253 Volts. This is in accordance with European Standard EN50160.
ESB Networks manages the transmission assets which are owned by ESB and ensures that the transmission infrastructure is developed and maintained in accordance with the requirements set down by Eirgrid.

Scope of ESB Networks’ Operations

The ESB Networks business builds, operates and maintains a nationwide distribution system which includes 235,000 transformers and almost 160,000 km of distribution networks (i.e. overhead lines and underground cables). These activities are undertaken by their staff that are located in their thirty four geographical areas throughout the country. As owners of the nationwide transmission system, they are also responsible for carrying out the construction and maintenance of the high voltage 400kV, 220kV and 110kV transmission system, comprising over 6,600 km of overhead lines and 30 large transmission stations.
Over the current four year period 2007 – 2011, a major investment programme of €2.5 billion is being undertaken by ESB Networks to upgrade electricity infrastructure around the country, in addition to a total of €4.0 billion already invested by ESB Networks between 2001 and 2006. When completed, this will further improve and strengthen the electricity networks countrywide and will considerably enhance the security of supply to existing customers. It will also ensure that a world class infrastructure is in place to support continuing economic development into the future.

Eirgrid Transmission System

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Eirgrid Transmission System

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