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Irish Telecom Providers


Profile Park is connected directly onto the Dublin metropolitan fiber network called the T50. The T50 is a multiduct fiber carrying system, It extends over 44kms and provides connectivity to 24 business parks and from these into the global networks through. Companies offering services on T-50 include Eunetworks, Cable and Wireless, NTL, Verizon, Hibernia Atlantic, Global Crossing, Colt Telecom, Cogent.

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The perfect location, great connectivity, in great company. Profile Park is the perfect location for a world's "best in class" Datacentre. Google have just selected Profile Park, What are you waiting for? Location, Location, Location..

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Your New Digital Address

Profile Park - Providing secure and reliable power, Diverse and resilient fibre provision, High profile neighbors such as Microsoft, Telecity and Google and a development team committed to your Data Centre and Hosting needs Profile Park provides a demonstrable and scalable solution to your constantly growing digital content needs

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